From 20 May

Pizza from the wood oven

Burrata and pink tomatoes 1350
Stracciatella and sun dried tomatoes 1590
Artichokes and Taggiasca olives 1650

Cold appetizers and salads

Salad Panzanella with sweet tomatoes 740
Light salad with baby spinach and strawberry 680
Mix of beet and spinach leaves with goat cheese 690
Kale salad with homemade roast beef 1060
Scallop crudo 990
Salmon ceviche 1250

Pasta and risotto

Ravioli with salmon and leek in orange sauce 1290
Gorgonzola and pear ravioli 670
Cannelloni with seafood 1200
Black tagliolini with scallop 1080
Risotto with artichokes 1690

Cold soup

Gazpacho with vegetables tartare 720
Gazpacho with crab meat 1250
Gazpacho with Stracciatella cheese 890
Okroshka on kefir / kvass 570
Cucumber gazpacho with ginger 490

Hot dishes

Halibut baked in oven 1550
Artichokes with mini squids 2290
Duck breast with fennel and yellow cherry sauce 1600
Duck breast with fennel and yellow cherry sauce 990
Beef tenderloin beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes 1240


Hot blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream 490
Fruit baked in oven 650
Tarte Tatin with pear 560
Homemade popsicle 390
Sicilian cassata with candied fruits and nuts 480
Berry soup 690

Refresуhing drinks

Lemonade Tarragon 400 400
Lemonade Tarragon 1000 900
Homemade kvass 300 220
Homemade kvass 1000 890


Spritz Aperol 890
Spritz Italicus 1550
Негрони Osteria 1450
Беллини Classic 990

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