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Pizza Grande mix 1390
Pizza Margherita 590
Pizza Mare Caldo with seafood 1880
Pizza with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella 1050
Pizza Four cheeses 890
Pizza with tuna and red onion 870
Pizza with porcini mushrooms and rucola 980
Pizza with beef fillet and champignon mushrooms 990
Pizza with Parma ham and mozzarella 930
Vegetarian pizza 890
Pizza with Gorgonzola and pear 830
Pizza with courgettes and smoked Scamorza cheese 720
Pizza Diavolo 840
Pizza with truffle sauce and mozzarella 820
Pizza with chicken meat and sweet peppers 860
Pizza Calzone with Prosciutto ham, mozzarella and champignon mushrooms 780
Pizza Dolce with berries 1260
Classic 240
With rosemary and Parmesan 260
With tomatoes and Parmesan 290
With Pesto sauce 270
Salad with smoked duck breast 710
Caesar salad with chicken 790
Nicoise salad with tuna 1380
Green salad 690
Baby squids with tomatoes and Botarga roe 1490
Vegetable salad with feta cheese 840
Fresh artichokes with seafood 1560
Vegetable salad with feta cheese 820
Warm seafood salad 1650
Salad with Kamchatka king crab 1560
Warm octopus and potato salad 1690
Rucola with shrimps, avocado and parmesan cheese 940


Oyster 1 pc. 490
Vitello Tonnato 940
Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil 1030
Burrata with tomatoes and rucola 1580
Mix of Italian home made sausages and ham 1260
Mix of Italian cheeses 1590
Lavrac crudo 2170
Bruschetta with tomatoes 190
Bruschetta with veal 360
Bruschetta with tuna 330
Tuna tartare with avocado mousse 890
Beef tartare 1810
Salmon tartare 880
Tartare trio salmon, sea bass and tuna 1340
Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese and sherry 890
Salmon carpaccio 820
Octopus carpaccio 1450
Artichokes carpaccio 1260
Carpaccio trio from salmon, octopus and sea bass 1270
Hot appetizers
Burgundy snails with herb butter 770
Parmigiano eggplant 810
Sauteed mussels and clams in wine or tomato sauce 1350
Fried artichokes in Rome style 1430
Fried artichokes mint and garlic 1790
Grilled octopus with spicy tomato 2190
Tuscan fish soup with seafood 1590
Pumpkin cream with scallop 520
Homemade chicken soup 450
Minestrone 480
Lentil soup with crispy squids 590
Home-made pasta


Ravioli with oxtail and porcini mushrooms 940
Black ravioli stuffed with Kamchatka king crab 1550
Ravioli with stracciatella and tomatoes 1380
Fettuccine with porcini mushrooms 960
Tagliolini with truffle sauce, cooked in Parmesan cheese 890
Tagliolini Aglio e olio with prawns 880
Fettuccine with rabbit ragout 790
Gnocchi Pesto and stracciatella 940
Tagliolini with Kamchatka crab 1560
Oven baked lasagna 880
Pasta from firm grades


Penne Arrabbiata 640
Linguine with seafood baked in foil 1690
Trecce octopus and broccoli 2130
Spaghetti with clams 1560
Liguri with clams 1280
Spaghetti Bolognese 890
Calamarata Pepe Verde with fragrant pepper 770
Penne Four cheeses 780
Spaghetti Carbonara 680
Black spaghetti with bottarga roe and baby squids 1290


Risotto with saffron and shrimps 1260
Risotto with octiopus and stracciatella 2290
Risotto with porcini mushrooms 890
Risotto with seafood and fish 1560
Fish Market
Sea bass per (At your choice grilled, in white wine, baked with vegetables, steamed, baked in sea salt or pan fried) 450
Dorado per 100 gr (At your choice grilled, in white wine, baked with vegetables, steamed, baked in sea salt or pan fried) 450
Lavrak per 100 gr. (At your choice grilled, in white wine, baked with vegetables, steamed, baked in sea salt or pan fried) 770
Turbot (At your choice grilled, in white wine or baked with vegetables) 890
Alive Kamchatka crab (At your choice steamed, in tomato sauce, white wine, Thermidor or creamy saffron sauce) 860
Scallops per 100 gr (At your choice grilled or pan fried with garlic and herbs) 990
Lobster per 100 gr (At your choice steamed, in tomato sauce, white wine, Thermidor,creamy saffron sauce or with pasta) 1890
Octopus per 100 gr (At your choice grilled or pan fried with garlic and herbs) 1650
Baby squids per 100 gr (At your choice grilled or pan fried with garlic and herbs) 680
Tiger prawns per 100 gr (At your choice grilled or pan fried with garlic and herbs) 690
Hot fish dishes and seafood
Fritto misto with tartar sauce 1380
Seabass fillet with crispy potatoes 990
Lavrac with cauliflower puree 2180
Salmon grilled or steamed 1350
Crab phalanxes in soya pepper sauce 2570
Dorado fillet in white wine with cherry tomatoes and taggiasca olives 990
Tuna steak with vegetable salsa and avocado mousse 1280
Hot Meat Dishes


Veal cheeks with lentils 990
Rissoles from turkey with stewed vegetables 930
Marsala beef filet with morels 2890
Foie Gras with figs 2470
Ribeye Prime steak per 100 g, minimum 300 g 1060
Veal alla Milanese with rucola and cherry 2620
Devils chicken 940
Beef tagliata with mixed salad, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese 2560
Goatling baked in wooden stove 2950
Venetian style cooked calf liver with mashed potatoes 790
Rack of lamb with fragrant herbs 2170


Mashed potatoes 390
Spinach with Parmesan 560
Stewed broccoli with garlic and basil 490
Grilled or steamed green asparagus 520
Grlilled vegetables 490
Potatoes wedges with rosemary and garlic 450
Fried potatoes with mushrooms 730
Baked beetroot in sea salt with pesto 480


Home made tiramisu 530
Semifreddo with honey 480
Pumpkin pie 540
Rum parfait 420
Pistachio roll 510
Dai dai 1 pc 190
Cheesecake with sea buckthorn sauce 560
Creme brulee 560
Mille feuille with seasonal berries 780
Chocolate cake with nuts 560
Chocolate fondant with basil 570
Honey cake 420
Profiterole with vanilla ice cream
and warm chocolate
Panna Cotta 560
Sgroppino 890
Mix of mini desserts 590
Napoleon cake 560
Berries dish 1200
Italian biscuits 490
Homemade ice cream and sorbets
Ice Cream
Vanigli, Cioccolato, Strawberry

Limone, mango, Frutti di bosco


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